Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

General Questions

What is The Company Boutiques?
The Company Boutiques is an online discount boutique, working to connect great sellers, selling fabulous discounted handcrafted items, with buyers looking for something sweetly unique.
One of the featured deals says Expired. Can I still order one?
Sorry, it looks like you found the deal too late to purchase it. Luckily, we link to the seller's store, if they have one, so you can still go to their store to find another handcrafted item from the same seller. Then be sure to sign up for our daily emails to so that you won't miss another great deal.
Do you accept returns?
No, we don't accept returns, but we will do everything that we can to help you if the item you receive is defective. Please email us within 3 days of receiving your shipment and we will give you the seller's contact information to arrange a replacement. All our sellers are committed to making your experience wonderful.
Do you accept exchanges?
There are no exchanges, as we don't keep any stock on hand.
Is it possible for me to be featured on The Company Boutiques?
If you have a product you love to sell or a unique handcrafted product you would like to sell and are committed to making each of your customer's shopping experience fabulous, send us a note and we'll help you get started.
I live outside the United States. Can I purchase from The Company Boutiques?
Please check the seller's shipping information to see where they ship. If it is not stated on the deal you will need to get in contact with the seller for their shipping policy.
I love the featured shop's items, where can I find more?
With all of our sellers we do our best to include a link to their shop or store page, where you can find more of their unique items.

Deal Giveaways

What is a deal giveaway?
With each deal, the seller will give away some of their items to some lucky buyers. After a predetermined number of items have been sold, one buyer will be selected to get one of the items they bought for free!
If I order more than one item do I have more chances to win?
Yes! The more you buy the greater your chance to get one of your items for free
Can I win more than once?
Each buyer can only win one item per deal for free.
If there are multiple giveaways for a single deal, will I have a chance to win in each giveaway?
Yes, everyone who has ordered at least one item on a single deal (and has not yet won for that deal) has a chance at winning a free item every time a giveaway is being awarded for that deal. So, the sooner you buy, the more chances you have to win.
How will I receive the item I won?
When you win an item for a deal, you will be reimbursed the sale price of that deal (not including shipping) through your PayPal account. The item will be shipped to you along with any other items you purchased.

Sharing Links to Deals

What is the link sharing feature?
Many of you have been sharing our links on sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and Pinterest. Thanks! Now we would like to reward you for spreading the word. When you share the link and a friend clicks on it we note that you sent them to our site. We then give you an entry into a drawing for each friend you send our way.
What is is the service we use to tie the friends you send to The Company Boutiques back to you. It generates a link unique to you for each deal you share. That way you can share each deal you feel your friends would enjoy.
I don't see a link. Where do I find it?
Because each link is unique to you, you need to first sign in to The Company Boutiques. Once signed in you will see a unique link on each deal page.
How do I share a link?
Sharing is easy! Simply click on the Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, or Pinterest icons. Or you can copy and paste the link into an email or any other social media site.
What happens when someone clicks on a link I share?
When your friend clicks on your link, they will be taken to the same deal on The Company Boutiques from where you shared the link. They can then browse the site normally, including creating their own The Company Boutiques account, buying a deal, or even sharing their own link.
What information do you share with
We are careful to not share personal information of The Company Boutiques users with We are required to share a unique user ID that allows us to tie a visit to The Company Boutiques from your friends back to you so we can enter you into a drawing. However, the unique user ID is encrypted in a way as to be anonymous to Furthermore, does not share this detailed information with other sites, although it may publish aggregate data about trends. Your encrypted unique user ID and other details will not be published beyond this anonymous aggregate form.


I can't place an order. What can I do?
We are sorry it's not working for you. Please contact us and we'll get your order placed. (We'll also get working on a solution to the problem!)
Can I change the size, color, or other options of a completed order?
No, please check your order carefully, before completing it. Once placed, we cannot change the order.
I just placed an order and the address is wrong. What should I do?
When placing your order on the Review Your Purchase page prior to paying you can verify your shipping address. This address is provided by your PayPal account. If you need to change the address, simply edit it on the Review Your Purchase page. If for some reason, you notice the address is incorrect after finishing your purchase, please contact us, so we can notify the seller. If your order has not yet shipped they will try to make sure your purchase gets sent to the right address.
How do I cancel an order?
Sorry, right now you can't cancel an order. Due to the already discounted nature of the boutique items and the number of sellers we work with, we cannot cancel an order. We suggest using the item as a gift for a friend.
How can I contact the seller before making a purchase?
Leave a comment on the deal page. Most seller's also have a link to their store on their deal page. You should be able to contact them through their store. We encourage all sellers to be available for questions while their deal is posted. Please remember that most of our sellers also have little people to care for and may not be able to respond immediately.


When can I expect to receive my order?
See the seller's notes on shipment details. Please contact us if your order is taking much longer than expected.
Do you ship internationally?
Please see each seller's details on whether or not they ship to your location. If it is not stated on the deal you will need to get in contact with the seller for their shipping policy. Please confirm this before placing your order, as we cannot cancel orders.

More questions? Please contact us.